Wissenschaftliche Abschlüsse

10/2012 University of Toronto, Ph.D. Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Title of Dissertation: The Struggle for North Africa between Almohads, Ayyubids and Banū Ghāniya (From the Late Twelfth to the Early Thirteenth Century A.D., Thesis Advisor: Dr. Linda S. Northrup.)
2006 American University in Cairo, M.A. Arabic Studies (Title of Dissertation: Relations between the Fatimid Caliphate and the Tribal Peoples of Egypt and North Africa, Thesis Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth M. Sartain)


University of Toronto, B.A. (Honors)

Berufliche Tätigkeit

2012-2013 Research Assistant, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
2007-2009 Research Assistant, University of Toronto, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 
2004-2006 Research Assistant, American University in Cairo, Department of Arabic Studies


Bibliographie im Aufbau

Baadj, Amar S. (2016): The Term Zawāwa in the Medieval Sources and the Zawāwī Presence in Egypt and Syria during the Ayyubid and Mamluk Periods, in: Stephan Conermann (Hg.): History and Society during the Mamluk Period (1250–1517): Studies of the Annemarie Schimmel Institute for Advanced Study II, Göttingen, S. 107–124.
The contemporary history of historiography: an international perspectice on the impact of globalization and the social and political changes since the 1970s on the making of professional history. The historiography in the Arab World
im Rahmen der Tagung "“The Contemporary History of Historiography: International Perspectives on the Making of Professional History”, London, 16.-18.06.2016