DAEH: Digitale Atlas of European Historiography

The project aims to establish a free-access, web-based historical-geographical information system on the European history of Historiography. It is supposed to document the institutional framework conditions for the professionalisation and institutionalisation of Historiography in the 19th and 20th centuries for all European countries. It is based on the collected and evaluated data and historical maps produced by a DFG project within the project network “Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories in Europe” (NHIST), which has produced a printed atlas on the history of European historiography (Atlas of European Historiography. The Making of a Profession 1800-2005, ed. by Ilaria Porciani and Lutz Raphael, Basingstoke 2010 (Writing the Nation, vol. 1))- but it goes beyond the possibilities of the printed version.

Data from historical research institutions and academies, archives, historical museums, historical journals as well as from historical chairs and, from 1928 onwards, full-time historians at scientific institutions for 41 European countries were systematically collected for the years 1830, 1850, 1875, 1900, 1928, 1955, 1980 and 2005.


Learn more about the project “Digital Atlas of European Historiography” on its website.

Further information about the project can also be found on the website of the Service Center eSciences of Trier University.

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