Aims of the Research Centre

The Forschungszentrum Europa (FZE) was founded in 2009 as a central scientific institution. The aim was and still is to strengthen the research profile of the Trier University. The FZE is mainly shaped by the groups organised within it with their research and thematic priorities.

The focus is on the exchange across subject boundaries as well as on disciplinary, thematic and methodological cooperation. Of particular importance is the international orientation and the cooperation with scientists and research institutions around the globe.

The FZE supports research projects at Trier University that deal with the key topic of Europe – structures of long term and contemporary problems. It provides research initiatives and research groups with a wide range of support in carrying out their scientific projects and is an interdisciplinary platform for the development of new research projects.


Task Profile

The FZE offers research-supporting services for the research and working groups in the following fields:

  • Administration of current projects
  • Support in applying for and raising of third-party fundings
  • Scientific coordination and quality management
  • IT-based software solutions and research data management
  • Public relations and knowledge transfer
  • Actions to support internationalisation
  • Actions to support early-stage researchers
  • Actions to support equality, diversity and compatibility of family, work and scientific qualification