2007-2008  Studies of History and Comparative American Studies at the University of Warwick (ERASMUS grant)
2004-2011 Studies of Anglo-American History, Modern History, and English at the University of Cologne

wissenschaftliche Abschlüsse

2011 Magister degree, title of the Magister’s thesis: Between Fur Caps, French Women, and Foreign Affairs: Benjamin Franklin’s Demeanour as Commissioner of the Court of Louis XVI, 1776-78

beruflicher Werdegang

10/2014-12/2014 Visiting Researcher Canadian Museum of History; Gatineau, Que., Kanada
10/2014 Visiting Researcher Royal Saskatchewan Museum; Regina, Sask., Kanada
01/2014-02/2014 Visiting Researcher National Museum of the American Indian, Wahsington, D.C., USA
11/2013-12/2013 Visiting Researcher Canadian Museum of Civilization; Gatineau, Que., Kanada
10/2013-11/2013 Visiting Researcher Royal Saskatchewan Museum; Regina, Sask., Kanada
09/2013 Discussant. Contested Knowledge in the Western Hemisphere (1500-1900), International Workshop, Rostock University
seit 2013 Doctoral candidate in History with the IRTG Diversity, University of Trier, supervisors: Ursula Lehmkuhl, Wolfgang Klooß, Carolyn Podruchny
2012-2013 Lecturer at the Anglo-American Departement of the School of History, University of Cologne
2012 Research assistant for the preparation of a third party funds application, International History, University of Trier
2009-2010 Student assistant with the project on colonialism and African diaspora on picture postcards (SFB 427), University of Cologne

Bibliographie im Aufbau

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