Key activities

Research interests

  • Medieval history
  • Jewish history

Project affiliation

  • Research Unit 2539 “Resilience”, Project 2 “Resilience in Southern Italy under the early Anjou Regime (1266–1309)“

University Education


10/2003-06/2013 History; Political Science, Universität Trier
08/2009-01/2010 Study Abroad, Karlstad University (Sweden)

Academic Degree

06/2013 Magister Artium, Title of the master’s thesis (Magisterarbiet): Iudei … reversi sunt“ – Urkunden zur Wiederaufnahme der Juden in den deutschen Städten nach den Pestpogromen der Jahre 1348-1351“ [Charters concerning the Readmitting of the Jews in the German Cities after the Black Death Persecutions of 1348-1351] (Result: 1,3.)

Work Experience

since 07/2016 Researcher, Research Unit 2539 “Resilience. Phases of Societal Upheaval in Dialogue between Medieval Studies and Sociology”, Project 1 “Ashkenasic Jews in the Late Middle Ages. Reactions to Persecution, Deprivation of Rights and Expulsion“, Project Director: Prof. Dr. Lukas Clemens and Dr. Christoph Cluse
01/2014-06/2016 Research Assistant, Forschungszentrum Europa. Strukturen langer Dauer und Gegenwartsprobleme, Universität Trier/Prof. Dr. Lukas Clemens, and Dr. Christoph Cluse, Research Initiative “Resilience: Persistence and Innovation from the the Ancient World to the Present.”
08/2013-12/2013 Research Assitant,Universität Trier/Prof. Dr. Lukas Clemens Research Cluster “Societal Dependencies and Social Networks, Section: Resilience”
10/2008-06/2013 Student Assitant, Universität Trier/Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz, Project “Corpus of Sources on the History of the Jews in the later medieval Empire”
04/2008-05/2009 Student Assistant, Universität Trier, Research Cluster “‘Societal Dependencies and Social Networks, Section: Kinship and Clientele Relations in rural Württemberg”
08/2008-09/2008 Student Assistant, Arye Maimon-Institut für Geschichte der Juden im Mittelalter, Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliches Forschungszentrum Trier, Universität Trier
01/2000-06/2013 Commercial Clerk, Tax Consultant Robert Schlachter